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— Elizabeth Dole

"The physical and emotional health of an entire generation and the economic health and security of our nation is at stake. This isn't the kind of problem that can be solved overnight, but with everyone working together, it can be solved." -Michelle Obama - February 2010

News - 10 Aug 2022

Georgia wins put Schumer in control of Senate, Democrats in charge of committee agenda
The double wins in Georgia put Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., in charge of the Senate with the slimmest of majorities, in a big boost to President-elect Joe Biden's agenda. More
Elaine Chao to resign as transportation secretary in wake of riot
Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao is resigning, a White House official and a person familiar with the situation tell CNN. More
After Capitol riots, AOC demands Cruz, Hawley resign from the Senate
Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao resigns after Capitol rioting
Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao announced Thursday that she is stepping down from her post, a day after the rioting on Capitol Hill -- making her the latest member of the administration to resign over Trump’s conduct, and the first Cabinet member to do so. More
West Virginia lawmaker under pressure to resign after recording himself storming the US Capitol
A Republican lawmaker from West Virginia is being pressured to resign after posting and then deleting a video from social media of himself storming the nation's Capitol building Wednesday with hundreds of other pro-Trump protesters.  More

Childhood Obesity in America:
Tackling a Public Health Epidemic Through Whole-of-Society Approaches

Key Speakers

James F. Sallis, Distinguished Professor of Family and Preventive Medicine at the University of California, San Diego and Director of Active Living Research
Kelleen Zubick, Director of Health Strategies at Share Our Strength
Lucia Martinez, Early Childhood Programs Manager, Community Health and Wellness Division at Harris County Public Health
Angelina Bernier, Pediatric Endocrinologist at the University of Florida and Medical Director of the Metabolic and Obesity Clinic

This event was held on Thursday, July 28th 2022.


World Health Organization data from 1990 placed the childhood obesity rate in the United States, then the highest in the world, at 10.6%. Every other country had a rate in the single digits. Things look very different today. The latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, collected though 2020, reveals a childhood obesity rate that has doubled in thirty years. Moreover,since that data was published, the Covid-19 pandemic and its associated lockdowns have driven obesity even higher, doubling the average rate of weight gain among children aged 12 to 19 years old in two short years.

These numbers in and of themselves are cause for concern. Research suggests that obese children are more likely to be targets of bullying and to display low self esteem. They are also at risk for a number of serious medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, which can follow them into adulthood if they grow up to be obese adults, which per Georgetown University, more than 50% do. The raw numbers also hide health disparities among racial and ethnic groups, both in terms of childhood obesity and in terms of its negative health externalities.

Yet, as serious as the individual impacts are, the disease has society-wide repercussions. A 2021 study published in the British Medical Journal estimated that should obesity continue to grow at current rates, countries will be spending 3.6% of GDP on average to manage its externalities. From a health perspective, a 2016 study meanwhile found that adults with obesity in the United States had medical costs 100% higher than the non-obese population, while the CDC concluded that obese individuals were three times more likely than their non-obese counterparts to be hospitalized with Covid-19.

Moreover, while research has shown that targeted interventions, especially in childhood and adolesence are effective at reversing or preventing obesity, such efforts are either difficult to implement effectively at scale, or only end up addressing one facet of an incredibly multiplex problem. In either instance the overall trend line continues in the wrong direction.

This dialogue will attempt to address these shortcomings by bringing together policymakers, academics, clinicians, and experts from across all facets of society. Delegates will identify policy gaps, generate ideas to address them, share best-practices, and ultimately come away more empowered to improve the health of children and adolescents in the United States.


  • Evaluate current trends in childhood obesity, especially the growth trends associated with the Covid-19 pandemic and their long-term staying power.

  • Analyze the disparate rates of childhood obesity across populations, explore their causes, and identify opportunities for targeted interventions.

  • Discuss strategies to increase access to physical activity, both in educational institutions and in communities, with an emphasis on historically under-served areas.

  • Examine the potential for standardizing more nutritionally complete school meal options including breakfast and dinner.

  • Evaluate the downstream impacts of agricultural and food marketing policies on childhood nutrition and discuss strategies to mitigate any negative externalities arising therein.

  • Understand from a clinical perspective how to engage with families of overweight or obese children to create positive health outcomes.

  • Share examples of effective whole-of-community initiatives to prevent or reverse childhood obesity and discuss methods for scaling up such interventions.

  • Discuss existing government interventions in light of preceding discussions and identify areas for concerted policy lobbying.

Who Should Attend?

  • Public Health Professionals

  • USDA Food and Nutrition Service Professionals

  • State Health and Human Services Professionals

  • Obesity specialists

  • Physical Therapists

  • Endocrinologists,

  • Researchers,

  • Physicians

  • Medical Colleges

  • Health Promoters

  • Pharmacists

  • Pediatricians

  • Drugs & R & D Medical Devices Manufacturing Companies

  • Basic Clinical Research Scientists & Students

  • Metabolic & Bariatric Surgeons

  • Integrated Health Professionals

  • Registered Dieticians & Nutritionists

  • Yoga & Fitness Professionals

  • Obesity & Endocrinology Associations and Societies

  • Business Entrepreneurs

  • BMI Training Institutes

  • School Administrators

  • Psychological professionals

  • Media and advertising experts

  • Teachers

  • Social Workers

  • Childcare providers

  • Parent associations

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion professionals

  • Community leaders

  • Community religious leaders

  • Academics and Researchers 

This event was held on Thursday, July 28th 2022.

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